A Western Mass grassroots movement that promotes locally owned businesses & educates communities on how and why we need to eat, shop, and live local.




What We Do

Online Directories

If you believe in doing business with locally owned businesses, search our directory before you buy. We also provide a directory of all the chambers of commerce groups in Western Mass and we even have a small business resource directory for small businesses and startups... Learn More

Badge Programs

Meant to be noticed, our badges are shown with pride in storefront windows and websites of members. It is at the heart of our marketing and promotional programs. They are key part of our educational programs and how we give back to the communities we live in... Learn More

Networking Meetings

Now located in Springfield, our networking meetings are always fun, informative and full of like-minded people who love to network and spend their money locally. We start each meeting with a short presentation about Living Local and then we allow everyone to get to networking... Learn More

Marketing & Promotion

This is our primary mission! We exist to promote and educate people about how and why they should be spending their money with locally owned businesses. We have developed relationships with the local media companies in the area and get the most bang for your buck... Learn More

For Every $100 Spent...

  • Locally Owned Biz - $69 returns to community!
  • National Chain - only $43 stays local.
  • Online - nothing comes home.

The world and our country are evolving fast, and we need to adapt to new challenges. Over the past years and decades we have learned that we cannot rely on powerful outside forces, be they public or private, to bring vitality to our home. If we want to maintain and develop the community that we love, it is our responsibility to take action and put our money where our mouths are.

Living Local makes this challenge easier than ever. The best way to support the local economy is to participate in it. Until now, finding local businesses to fill your needs could be tedious and challenging - nobody wants to scan the internet to find what they need, and local businesses aren’t able to efficiently advertise on search engines to grab your attention.

Living Local changes this by curating an easy to navigate directory of local businesses, complete with information about the products and services they can provide. As a customer, you can now find a local business to fill your need just as quickly as you could place an order from Amazon, with the added bonus of supporting your community and enjoying a more personal shopping experience.

Living Local also hosts free monthly networking meetings where local business owners and entrepreneurs are featured. There, community members are exchanging resources and ideas to make Western Massachusetts richer in every sense of the word.

We also provide training to local chambers of commerce, giving them powerful tools that help them fulfill their commitment to the community.